A Review – The Two Family House

61mW+70k1oL._AA300_The centerpiece of Lynda Cohen Loigman debut novel THE TWO-FAMILY HOUSE focuses on a brownstone in Brooklyn in the 1950s and the families that occupied it. The lives of two women and a decision made one fateful storm while the two women give birth reverberate throughout generations. The author’s descriptive characterizations of families so intertwined in the author’s life gave this story both depth and richness. I don’t like to give spoilers in reviews, so I won’t start here.

What I can say, is in the book, the delicate balance the characters play, the relationships between two brothers and the path their life takes define their characters and dictate the future of their families. Their wives and the constraints of the times (1950s), the role of women interlaced the story that makes it wonderful.

The book surprised me in the way I like when I find a new author. There was sadness, revelation and joy. More importantly, there was a sense of recognition readers might find in their own life, whether it be the relationship between two brothers or the strong and strange bonds of women. All is not what it seems in THE TWO-FAMILY HOUSE and that makes it wonderful.

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