People have wondered when the next Maggie and Odessa book will come out. I honestly don’t know. It’s not that I haven’t started it, I have I swear. Being sidetracked by another book has distracted me from my two favorite people. I love writing them and the crazy situations they find themselves. However, recently I had the urge to begin a new series. This past winter I finished the first book of The Thursday Night Killers Book Club series, which will be out this spring.

Now that’s done, my focus is back on Maggie and Odessa. I want to say the next one will be special even though they are all special to me. However, this one I had in my head before I wrote the first book.  When I began the series, I always knew that the stories would be about the journey of these two women. Maggie and Odessa aren’t the same from book one Pennywise and the last one, Chasing Cherry. Their circumstances have changed as well as their occupations. This brings me to my pet peeve about book series. There is a level of disbelief we must have when our favorite characters don’t age, or regurgitate the same problems or dilemmas.  As an avid reader, I’ve stopped reading many a beloved series whose main characters have become stale. I won’t name names, but you know who you are!

When I decided to write the Maggie and Odessa mystery series, I promised myself I wouldn’t do that. These women would grow, evolve and be different people with each book because life is kind of like that. I might paint myself into a corner, so be it. I wanted to look back as a reader and a writer to know somebody grew during this ordeal.

pretty woman with red hair and freckles

Why is the next book special because a major change is coming and the women will never be the same? Another favorite character, Odessa’s faithful and patient boyfriend Lee finally have his story told. How did he land in a small law firm in Queens, New York after leaving a high power job at a top Manhattan Law Firm? How will Lee’s past might come back and put Odessa and Maggie in danger?

No matter the danger, there will always be hope, humor and a bit of pepper spray.